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New Music: Do It Right

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  • New Single: Do It Right 2022

    My new single "Do It Right", is a sonic love letter from distant roads to our loved ones stoking the fire back home. Many of us need to travel for work to make ends meet for the family. The traveling Ram knows that high-end hotels will always pale in comparison to the love that's in store back home.

    The first time I wrote and performed this song was in 2006, to my newborn son Ronan, so I dedicate it to him, my pops Buzzy, and the women in my life. Love and Respect to my grandmothers, aunts, mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, and daughters. You are perpetually in my thoughts, guiding my path through life, and teaching me how to love unconditionally.

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  • EP: Sessions featuring So Lucky 2021

    At the end of summer in 2021, I took off performing to bring two of my favorite musicians over to jam. Mike Hunt (drums) and Mike Pritchard (keys) came into the studio on September 19 for a few hours of experimentation. The goal was to remove the click track from the equation and rely solely on the drummer's natural tempo. I taught them some new songs and just hit record. We did 2 quick back-to-back takes of about 4 songs, broke for dinner, and thought nothing of it.

    The following day I gave the tracks and takes a listen. It was unbelievable, everything felt good, was loose, and had a sweet groove. I did some instrumental overdubs to hold onto the momentum and cut vocals during a marathon session. After the last vocal take, I went for a surf with the kids.

    It's the people who make this session was so important. They live in the pocket, are my partners in crime, they help pave 2022's creative path. They helped evolve the way I think about recording and songwriting. I dedicate this EP to my brothers.

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  • SINGLE: Motor Kine 2021

    Motor Kine is a love letter to the wild sands of Baja Mexico where open land collides into the Pacific Ocean. I’ve sung Motor Kine live across the globe for years, with many different bands and instrumentation. This version provides insight into my 2020-2021 creative process.

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  • ALBUM: To Love a Wild Fire 2020

    To Love a Wild Fire is a curated collection of love songs, prayers, and laments drawn from the Ram’s reservoir of unreleased home recordings.


    All of the songs on To Love a Wild Fire were written and performed as a gesture of love and appreciation. Inspired by the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Eastern Sierras, and the family farm outside of Philadelphia.
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  • In His Own Words...

    “I write my best songs when spending time with family and loved ones. Nothing inspires good music or storytelling quite like the lasting power of love. It’s eternal. Reminds me of a passage from Herman Hesse that described how the love we share keeps us warm into old age through the coldest of nights.

    The times we spend in love, are the times that last forever. “