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Multimedia collage

Motor Kine by Donny Sosa Sublimation Cut & Sew Tank Top

Original Music: Come Easily

  • ALBUM: To Love a Wild Fire 2020

    To Love a Wild Fire is a curated collection of love songs, prayers, and laments drawn from the Ram’s reservoir of unreleased home recordings.


    All of the songs on To Love a Wild Fire were written and performed as a gesture of love and appreciation. Inspired by the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Eastern Sierras, and the family farm outside of Philadelphia.
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  • SINGLE: Motor Kine 2021

    Motor Kine is a love letter to the wild sands of Baja Mexico where open land collides into the Pacific Ocean. I’ve sung Motor Kine live across the globe for years, with many different bands and instrumentation. This version provides insight into my 2020-2021 creative process.

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  • In His Own Words...

    “I write my best songs when spending time with family and loved ones. Nothing inspires good music or storytelling quite like the lasting power of love. It’s eternal. Reminds me of a passage from Herman Hesse that described how the love we share keeps us warm into old age through the coldest of nights.

    The times we spend in love, are the times that last forever. “